Glendale Animal Hospital is very excited to introduce our new Senior Pet Wellness Program. Our Program includes twice-a-year “nose to tail” examinations.
Senior pets should be examined every 6 months because their bodies change more quickly as they age. Seeing our senior pets twice-a-year allows us to focus on early detection and prevention of major illnesses. The earlier health condition is diagnosed, the earlier medical treatment can begin and potentially slow or stop progression before major illness occurs.

Our Senior Pet Wellness Program also includes screening test, through annual to semi-annual blood work. The most common blood test we suggest on a patients checks their cell counts, protein levels, liver, kidneys, sugar levels, and electrolytes. Often we test for their thyroid level (a hormone that controls metabolism) and a urine test. The urine test helps determine how well the kidneys are functioning and if there are any urinary tract infections. Screening tests may help us identify ways to adjust your senior pet’s lifestyle to keep them healthier and happier as they age.

Our Senior Pet Wellness Program will also concentrate on lifestyle management. Our effective senior program provides you as a pet owner with information about the changes needed for older pets. Changes may include diet, joint supplement, dental health and pain management. These changes can help with some common senior diseases like obesity, diabetes, periodontal disease, and arthritis.

Like us, pets are living longer. Proper veterinary care, screening test, home care, and improved nutrition help play an important role in your pet’s well-being and longevity

Let us at Glendale Animal Hospital help your pet live longer and fuller life by providing you and your pet with the most up to date information and quality care. Call us today to make an appointment to begin learning how to make the most of your pet’s senior years.