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8 Tips for dealing with winter chills

Winter is here and for all of us pet owners it means a little extra TLC when it comes to our pet care. Don’t be fooled by those fur covered bodies, our pets feel the cold just as much as we do, if not more. Here are 8 TAH tips to help keep your furry friend warm, safe and healthy this chilly winter.images

1. If your pet does not have the luxury of staying indoors then invest in a kennel or a corner on the patio that is closed off from the bitterly cold wind and rain. Both cats and dogs love a cosy blanket to curl up on.

2. Keep an eye on your pet’s dietary needs, indoor pets may need to be fed slightly less as they are less active and sleep more than normal. Outdoor pets may need more food as their bodies are working extra hard to keep warm, thus burning into their fat reserves.

3. Keep an eye on your pet’s drinking water. We may not be living in the South Pole but occasionally we have some weather that can turn a small bowl of water into a layer of ice. Keep the water close to the pets protected sleeping area so that they don’t need to venture too far from their warm safe place.


4. Depending on the breed of dog or cat, you may need to invest in some jerseys to help keep them warm. Dogs and cats that have the double coat are less inclined to need anything extra, but keep an eye on you furry friend. Do regular checks on their less hairy areas (Ears, tail, belly and paws.) to ensure that the cold isn’t causing any injury.

5. Even if you are not a cat owner, be aware that your recently used car motor is nice and warm and a great place to curl up from the harsh cold weather outside. Before racing off you your next venue, bang on your bonnet or hoot before starting the engine.

6. Grooming your pets during winter is still important, but if possible do it indoors or take your pets to a groomer. Nobody wants to cuddle up to a frozen popsicle.


7. Patience will definitely need to be practiced if you own a puppy in winter, as they will be much harder to potty train. If you find they are reluctant to step a paw outside then look into newspaper or the latest puppy training pads.

8. Exercise should still be a part of your pets routine in winter so if it’s a gloomy day outside then play a bit of hide n seek in the house with treats or tug of war in a safe open area in the house. If you get a good day for a run outside, make sure your pup stays warm and is dried as soon as you get home.


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