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The doctors and staff at Glendale Animal Hospital wish you and your family happy and healthy holidays! As we gear up for big parties, yummy food, and presents abound, we wanted to take a minute to help educate our clients and friends on some potential holiday hazards.

We love our dogs and cats and it may be tempting to give them special treats during the holidays, too; that can actually do more harm than good. Foods like chocolate, fat trimmings and bones, most nuts, alcohol, and sugar-free baked goods or candies may contain some things that are harmful to your pets. Ingestion of these foods could cause intestinal blockage, severe vomiting and diarrhea, coma, or death. Any change in diet can cause your pet to have an upset stomach leading diarrhea and/or vomiting. Fido and Fluffy would be much happier and healthy if you stick with their regular diet and buy them a fun new toy instead.

Foods are not the only danger during the holidays. Fresh trees, holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, and lilies all contain toxic chemicals that can lead to illness if ingested by your cat or dog. To avoid this, place plants in areas that your pets can’t get to, secure your Christmas tree very well to avoid a wagging tail knocking it over, also change tree water frequently as stagnant waters can harbor dangerous bacteria. Turn off all lights and blow out candles when you’re not around to keep an eye on your furry friend. Keep an eye on your twinkle lights, too. Check for any frayed lines as this may be a sign of chewing.  Discourage your pets from eating tinsel, Styrofoam, batteries or ornaments by keeping them away from your dog or cat Here’s a tip for candle lovers: Flameless candles have come a long way! They look real and are safer for your pets, including birds.

Here’s one hazard you may not have considered: The holiday rush of visitors and excitement can cause stress in dogs and cats, especially those that are ill or old. Tell your visitors if your pets are timid or shy, ask them not to feed your pets, and find a safe hiding place for any pet that is scared or feeling overwhelmed..

Your regular veterinarian may be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, or they may have limited hours around the holiday, so keep emergency numbers on hand. Here at Glendale Animal Hospital we recommended the following emergency hospitals:

If your pet has eaten something that you believe to be poison or harmful please call ASPCA Poison Control at 888-426-4435 (there is a $64 consultation fee for the call) or take your pet to see a vet right away.

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